Health and safety on construction projects is a top priority and must be resourced, planned and managed accordingly. At Hosken Parks we are able to assist our clients in adopting a professional approach to construction health and safety, fulfilling their obligations under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. This service typically includes the following activities:


  • Advising on the applicability of the Regulations to a particular project.
  • Advising the client of its duties under the Regulations, and those of all other stakeholders including CDM principal designer, principal contractor and subcontractors.
  • Advising on the competence of designers and contractors.
  • Notifying the HSE about the project (initial notification).
  • Advising the client of investigations and surveys required to inform the subsequent design and construction activities.
  • Ensuring that all designers adopt a co-ordinated approach, which considers health and safety and seeks to eliminate or mitigate hazards at the design stage.
  • Ensuring that all designers include information relevant to health and safety in their design drawings and documentation.
  • Preparing and issuing pre-construction information to stakeholders and tendering contractors.
  • Reviewing the health and safety aspects of the tendering contractors’ submissions.


  • Notifying the HSE about the project (follow-up notification).
  • Advising on the adequacy of the principal contractor’s construction-phase plan and proposed site welfare facilities.
  • Monitoring the flow of health and safety information between clients, designers and contractors, especially relating to ongoing design packages.
  • Ensuring that a health and safety file is prepared and issued to the client towards the end of the construction phase.
A builders hard hat on a construction site
Scaffolding on a house